CASE STUDY 1: Sites Data Table & Site Detail


Site’s Manager, Land lord, Rooftop Owner (CSW primary User , Mobile, ON THE GO) can’t  quickly find a Tower site’s Info on his Mobile Phone or Tablet.

Site’s data table is non responsive, contains too many columns, cluttered, hard to load and scan important details such as Status and Structure Type is inaccessible.

A Mobile User can not contact CSW / perform any inquiry without leaving Site’s Detail because action button doesn’t exist.
ser leaves CSW website, company losses 60% of potential clients and business partners.


I performed UX Research, Usability Audit and created a UX review. Based on gathered data, business requirements, tech feasibility and budget I defined main features of new data table and site detail:

  • Mobile Friendly data table with filter bar and search.

  • Highly Accessible Site Detail, easy scan through tech info on smallest iPhone viewport.

  • Easy Contact button is ‘above the fold’ and within an easy reach.


  • Ultra Responsive Data Table (iPhone 6 Portrait)

  • Dynamic Data Filter Bar by Site Status

  • Life database Search

  • #1 Priority Data ( Status, Sturcture Type are first!

  • Easy navigation between List and Map Views


  • High Accessibility ( High Contrast, Big font and icons sizes)

  • Interactive, minimalistic row’s UI

  • Collapsible rows contain well structured tech (secondary) data 

  • Accordion type secondary data fields

  • Visual Status sorting by self explanatory Icons with Titles


The new Comsites West website looks amazing and works great on both desktop and most mobile devices. Nora was a UX Lead/Project Manager/Interactive Product Designer at CSW. She and her tech team have produced a new responsive, mobile friendly web site which exceeded my expectations. I’m very pleased with the results. I’ve enjoyed our project collaboration through Asana and working with Nora. Thank you!

Charlie Feick, General Manager of CSW

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