Earthing, Grounded Beauty


“Earthing” concept explained in just one click. The user presses CONNECT button to ‘ground yourself’ and immediately sees the difference and earthing health benefits by simple scientific infographics of the process. We developed this fun and engaging feature separately for mobile and desktop viewports so not a single guest would miss this important step of learning about Earthing.

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Earthing products are a novelty gadgets that require short but comprehensive explanations and presentation for new customers.
When a new user who is not familiar with “earthing products” yet ends up on landing page there is a need to help him to figure out what kind of earthing product he mostly need in every life situation. I divided products by ‘time of the day’ criteria and created three categories ‘Day’, ‘Night’ and ‘Active’. My decision was based on deep UX Research, stakeholders interviews, data and conclusions from UX Questionnaire at this Client Discovery phase of the project.

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Product Guru/Finder was introduced for new users in form of PERSONALIZED GUIDE separate popup.
Based on three core user’s personas that were defined in my UX Research, I have built an interactive guru/user path by the implementation of User Cards or Steps:

  1. User Persona Card
  2. User Age Card
  3. User Motive Card
  4. Search Result,  set of recommended products with active link to according PDP.


#user personas #story boards #product filter #user path #user centered design #product guru


First I performed UX, UI and Marketing Audit of existing landing page. After marketing strategy was reinforced by focusing on newly defined core users, I created low fidelity wireframe and then eveolved to middle fidelity. My task was to illustrate / explain Earthing or Grounding concept in extremely minimalistic way, following brand style and beauty industry specifics.


#user personas #story boards #marketing strategy #user path #user centered design #infographics #middle fidelity wireframe

More than one Million units sold!

The best feedback to UX Designer from the client is to know the fact that ‘your UX design concepts were so fundamental and successfull that they have been used for more than 5 (!) years ( which is a century in ever-changing face of ecommerce) and still going strong since 2013! Since the successful launch of a new online store, Earthing surpassed one million products sold!



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