Multi-Discipline Expert

Aside of UX Research, UX Design, Usability, IA, UX Management in Enterprise UX I have a deep knowledge & years of experience in Consumer Facing Applications |B2C: Competitive Research, CX |CRO, elegant UI Design style and a keen eye for Brand Coherence.

Full Stack Designer

UX Researcher – Product Designer – Usability Specialist – Info Architect – UI designer. My solutions are based on Outside -In Design methodologies with using Apple Human Interface Guidelines, Google Material Design Guidelines and other design systems.

Problem Solver

It is my job to help companies to turn product design from Inside-Out to Outside-In winning tactic, I find solutions for hostile UX, confusing architecture, poor usability, and a weak Value Proposition | Marketing by constantly performing Custom UX Audits, tailored to business needs and presented in easy to digest & visual format. Some problems can often be fixed in a non-intrusive way, without requiring costly time-consuming overhauls. Fully equipped with analytics and metric tools (GA, heatmaps, eye tracking software, etc.), I investigate problems with usability and conversion rates, collaborate with teams in Miro, Mindmeister, etc.. and produce rapid paper prototypes as well as fully simulated Justimind, Axure, or Adobe XD prototypes.


I conduct stakeholder and field studies/ interviews during Qualitative Research in Empathy Phase (and the all following phases of the project) in order to improve an MVP,   define and alleviate pain points & bottleneck situations. I do Quantitative Research, I learn and prioritize the unique business perspectives of top stakeholders. I prove positive UX ROI and strive to bring innovative, cost-effective User-Centered solution.


UX management, Interaction Design Foundation, 2020

Human-Computer Interaction, Stanford University, 2013

Internet Programming, Humber Institute of Technology, 2005

My road to Digital Product Design

Residential Architect

After graduating TSUAB,  Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building with MA degree of Architecture in 1991, I worked as Category 2 Residential Architect in Crimean Scientific-Research and Project Institute from few years.

Graphic Designer

While working as a graphic/web designer for Norilsk School District Office, City Pharmaceutical Management and City Sports Committee I was improving my skills and knowledge base of digital design, brand identity, print collateral and web graphics design.

Web Designer

In period of next 5 years years worked as web designer at Dynamo Development NY, Belmont Consultants and American Chamber of Commerce, my knowledge base and skills were growing and I landed a job as Senior Web Designer & Art Director at Center of Communications of Russian State Plehanov Economy Academy.

Front End Developer

I went to study Front End development in Humber Institute of Technology, Toronto, Canada. My hard earned certificate of Internet Programming proved my basic front-end coding skills HTML, CSS and Java Script. Since that time I have been creating new interactive UI elements and solutions that actually lightweight for bandwidth, cross-browser compatible and easy to implement with using CCS3 and HTML5 in the front-end.  It changed my perspective and level of expertise as a web designer so I wasn’t ‘building castles in the air’ but worked relentlessly to provide precisely estimated, comprehensive specifications to frontend & backend developers based on realistic solutions, easy doable in current technology and within a project budget.

Usability Specialist & Info Architect

At this point of my career, I decided to take Human-Computer Interaction & Usability course from Stanford University.
My goal was to learn aspects of cognitive science, psychology and sociology and most important HCI terminology. I was glad to put a solid base of professional UX language and approaches under my practical hands-on experience.

UX Designer & UX Researcher

I joined a community of UXers and started to contribute to the expansion of Lean, User Centered design methodologies. Due to the large volume of e-commerce projects I worked and managed, I had to learn about e-commerce marketing, conversion rates optimization, bounce rates, funnels, multiple users flows in complex shopping carts customizations like Car, Heart & Stone Jewelry,, DeiItaly,, … etc. I took few Online Marketing and E-commerce courses.
Now I help companies with Product Design, UX/Marketing Research and work closely with stakeholders to reinforce a marketing strategy. While actively working on creation of Happy Route, Task Flows I always using different prototyping and testing methods to identify Critical points that need to be fixed on early stages of the flow development. This strategy helps to improve the quality, reliability, and profitability of the solution.

Digital Product Designer | UX strategist

Having extensive knowledge of stated above adjacent professions, many years of hands-on experience and ability to work with every level of clients I do Digital Product Design/Architecture. I use variety of tools and currently like Justinmind and Axure for Low to Middle Fidelity Prototyping, please read  an article about me with Justinmind Pro Blog. I’m an official expert of Justinmind)

My experience of working on Enterprise UX in Data Science, Healthcare, and FinTech sectors helps me to onboard quickly and contribute to improvement of the Product Lifecycle.  I strive for user centered, data driven, seamless UX with high quality user experience.

Professional Memberships

UxDA, Member

UXPA, Member

Interactional Design Foundation, Member

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Interaction Design Foundation

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