Wireflows (ex. rich use cases)

In 2014, during my work on the complex architecture of android app with multiple users flows, I created a visually rich flowchart with thumbnails of actual screens (mini wireframes) instead of simple wire blocks. All stakeholders,  dev and tester teams were amazed at it’s exceptional ability to guide through the visually recognizable scenario. Since that times Rich Use Cases (Recently NN group assigned the term Wireflow) 

Definition: Wireflows are a design-specification format that combines wireframe-style page layout designs with a simplified flowchart-like way of representing interactions. — NNgroup

are an important part of my specifications as they eliminate hours of meetings, usability and marketing mistakes, makes testing and iteration process is a breeze!

if 1 picture = 1000 words, 1 wireflow = 1000 meetings

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Low to middle fidelity fully interactive wireframes

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