I led the end to end beta version design of Koverse Connections, The 360 Data Intelligence app built on Koverse Platform.

  • Overcame challenges of Territorial Management of multi-tier users and groups of users with different levels of permissions.
  • Participated in brainstorming sessions with data scientists, database designers.
  • Translated complex data sorting processes and user flows into easy to use interfaces.
  • Consulted top stakeholders about modern interface solutions and Outside -In Design method that helped to improve MVP & Value Proposition.
  • Created and maintained Experience Map, Dynamic lo-high fi prototype following Google MD guidelines for team collaboration.
  • Performed extensive UX research, field studies, regular usability tests of the prototype, and GE beta version.
  • Participated in UX Agile management of the fast-paced Koverse multi cross-teams environment.

Creation and maintenance of Global Experience Map of Koverse Connections app for both User and Admin Dashboards was our #1 visual aid in Life Meeting mode, immediately updated mind map during our weekly monthly brainstorming sessions with data scientists, product owners and managers, marketing and development teams.

Touchdown points improvements, separate evolutions of user flows, prompt heuristic evaluations, finding and fixing pain points, solving bottleneck situations were the key actions that helped our teams to shape a complex, user needs oriented AI Entity Profile MVP in record time and minimal budget.

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