Uvited Supplement Store

IA, UX, Conversion Optimization

During the year of my work as a UX Architect at Uvited, online supplement retail company, I built new shopping cart architecture, navigation, filtering system, Customer Account Dashboard and Product Return (RMA) Flow.

UI Design, Marketing and Brand

I improved conversion rates of existing landing pages by more than 4 times, created new marketing areas by implementation of Revolution responsive slider, new scalable SVG icons, new UI style guidelines of navigation and filters, designed many email newsletters, media banners.


Data driven, complete overhaul of store structure and product categorization system. I used Google Analytics and heat maps to track users’ engagement, retention, cart abandonment data dynamics and behavior of the main user paths: product search, navigation, checkout, return flows. The successful combination of well-calculated UX and marketing strategies led to the steady increase of revenue; improved the image of the brand and elevated the company’s rank and position in the tough market of the supplements industry.

store architecture


The e-commerce Framework that was used as a foundation for shopping cart didn’t have responsive Return & Exchange Product Flow and I needed to build it from scratch to bring our main type of user, the mobile user, convenience and simplicity of return process. Creating an easy return flow provides to a new customer or a guest user a sense of credibility and usually increases conversion rates by 30%.
I used an innovative approach and introduced an Order List in the form of accordion tabs with order details instead of an old, bulky unresponsive table. The user now can easily sort orders by time tabs (All, Open and Past) and check order details without leaving the page. Those simple elements perform perfectly on all desktop and mobile devices!


Huge bounce rates during product search and navigation through the product categories was the biggest problem I had found while performing the UX/Marketing Audit.
I used MouseFlow and Google Analytics data to figure out why the users couldn’t find the desired product. GA data analysis confirmed that the store filtering system was neither intuitive nor responsive, so mobile users weren’t able to use it.
By learning users’ behavior, conversion and bounce dynamics I first paper prototyped and then created an interactive prototype of a new fully responsive filtering system that significantly shortened the time it takes to search for a product and made navigation through the store inventory easy and straightforward. I used the ‘brick & mortar’ store categorization principle which made search more traditional in such a complex and branched out business structure with constantly increasing numbers of product categories within the supplement store.

  • Paper Prototype

    Paper Prototype

  • High Fidelity Prototype

    High Fidelity Prototype





” Nora delivered an excellent work on the redesign of the Custom Shopping Cart based on NopCommerce framework project. She has worked as E-commerce Lead in our company. Her communication was top-notch, she was always meeting all deadlines, and her skills as Information Architect and Customer Experience Designer were excellent. I enjoyed working with Nora as well as our marketing department and our software engineer’s team and we will likely hire her in the future.”
Sheloma Epstein, Project Lead

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