Pritikin Resort

User Experience Design

Pritikin Resort Rates screens had previously extremely complicated and visually confusing separate rates for each season of the year on the long landing page.
My concept was based on the idea to organize and combine all season’s rates in one table for each package so the user will have an opportunity to quickly compare rates of the particular package and proceed to the booking process. This solution is proven to decrease bounce rates by helping user to make a decision faster.

Middle Fidelity UI Design

My deliverables to the agency were middle fidelity wireframes. Created with a fully responsive layout in mind and mobile friendly.

  • Main Package Rates
  • Additional Weeks Rates
  • And Weekend Retreat’s Rate


“Nora is a talented creative professional with excellent communication skills. She was able to maintain an efficient process in developing mockups, then transitioning to formal design. I was impressed with her structured approach to the design process and her commitment to seeing the project through to completion.”
Charlie Ellis, CEO, Galant Fish

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